About Exhibision

Connecting Green and Urban Space

For a short time every year, the urban oasis of Zempukuji park,
where the arch of the sky above is reflected on the lake surface,
and where the trees embrace the water’s edge, is visited by artworks.
These 'trolls' of the park appear unexpectedly to surprise the visitors.
Like the numerous plant and animal inhabitants,the artworks take many and varied forms.

In recent years, the circumstances surrounding contemporary art are changing, yet it is rare to find an exhibition taking place in a public park that adheres so closely to everyday life.
It is our hope that this exhibition will find a small place in the visitors' memories,gradually taking shape through the years like layers of earth to embed itself in the community.

With the aim of making contemporary art more accessible,
the 'Trolls in the Park Open-Air Art Exhibition' first began in Zempukuji park in 2002,and has now reached its 9th year.

Preparations for the near one-month exhibition begin one year before.
While placing importance on the process up to the opening
and the relations between artists, supporters and local residents,
the exhibition is shaped from ideas that are consistent in their utilization of the park's unique character.
What transformations will the park undergo in late autumn this year?
Let's wait and see!

Exhibition Information

Date 2010.11.3 (Wed) – 11.23 (Tue)
Location Periphery of the upper lake in Zempukuji Park, Tokyo (Suginami Ward, Zempukuji 3-9-10, 167-0041)
Entrance Free