Artist Info

Ismael de Anda Ⅲ

1996 BFA in painting and sculpture, University of Texas, El Paso, USA
2000 MFA in installation and video, California Institute of the Arts, USA
2010 Asian Cultural Council fellow
Youkobo Art Space resident artist
GTS Sightseeing Project 2010, participating artist

Hast la Próxima…

Yoko Arai

Studied piano, Javanese gamelan, and Shomyo (traditional Buddhist song). Since the eighties, she has been involved in performance, experimental music, and theater collaborations, with improvisational music becoming the focus of her work from the late nineties. She has organized a number of concerts, and in recent years she has worked with a number of musicians from overseas. She is also involved in improvisational music and art workshops in elementary schools.


11.7(Sun)Start 16:00
sonic interstice

Marcos Fernandes

Born in Yokohama but has worked as a performer, producer, and curator in California for thirty years. He has performed as a solo improviser and phonographer in the US, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan and other countries, and has collaborated with various ensembles, dancers, and visual artists as a percussionist and sound artist. He has participated in festivals in Japan and the US. He is also president of the music label ‘Accretions’.
Fernandes is the son of Nagano Uheiji.

11.7(Sun)Start 16:00~
sonic interstice

Sawako Hiraiwa

A musician. She graduated from Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Tokyo University of the Arts) with a postgraduate degree in vocal music. Appeared in ‘Support for raising children -Kirara Chuo Oyako concert’ (2009), provided music for ‘Ikebukuro, My Hometown’ (written and directed by James Miki), appeared in ‘Yukai ni Yuukai Concert’ (1991~2010), provided music for NHK ‘Inai Inai Baa’ (1996). ‘Marisawa Honpo e Ikimaseu’ is available on CD.


11.14(Sun), 23(Tue, national holiday)
Let’s play with words and sounds! ‘Kenji Miyazawa-I’m in Kamiike(the upper pond area)’

Kazuo Imai

Studied under one of Japan’s pioneers of free jazz, Masayuki Takayanagi, and attended the art and music school of Kosugi Takehisa. Since 1997, he has directed the multi-media group ‘Marginal Consort’, and has been invited to collaborate with domestic and overseas performers and participate in international festivals. In recent years, he has been active as a member of the ‘Kazuo Imai Trio’. Website:

11.6(SAT)Start 19:00
Where sound reside

Hiromi Iuchi

2005 BA in Fine Art, Parsons School of Design, New York

2010 ‘Holly Mountain of No Man's Land’- Group Exhibition, French Embassy, Tokyo
2008 ‘Space, Spring, Winter’- Art Complex Center, Group Exhibition, Tokyo

2008 ‘Edelweiss and a Winter Bird’- Art Complex Center, Solo Performance, Tokyo
2005 ‘Little of the sea’ - group performance, Repertorio Espanol, NewYork

Right Light Light Lightning

Kapore Kapore Yoitona

Atabo Momokawa (Fusayo Hashimoto)
Learned mime under Kiyoshi Shimizu of ‘A House of Pierrot,’ and has been miming solo since 1983. Performed the role of a Giant Spider in Ennosuke Ichikawa’s Kabuki plays “Gohiiki Tsunagiuma” “Shitenno Kaede Edosho”(1986/87/96). Performed a solo mime in her own work, “Shitsurakuen” which lasted for a month long run in Avignon Festival in France (1996). Wrote and performed “Usemono izuru” (2009/directed by Chon Uishin). Became an accredited master of Momokawa style Kappore dance and started to announce herself as Atabo Momokawa. She has been active in a live “Mime de Kappore”.

11.3(Wed), 14(Sun), 23(Tue, national holiday)
Let’s Dance!“Kappore”

Tsuneo Kubo

A member of Gekidan Kuro Tent (Theater Group Black Tent.)
Appeared in numerous plays such as “Gauche the Cellist by the Window” (2010), “Teppo-Dama(TheSniper)” (2008), “The Seagull” (2007), “Lineage“ (An International performance/2005), “Woyzeck” (An International performance/2001). His other works include collaborated works with musicians, readings and workshops. Website:

11.14(Sun), 23(Tue, national holiday)
Let’s play with words and sounds! ‘Kenji Miyazawa-I’m in Kamiike(the upper pond area)’

Yuichiro Kurono

1981 Born in Oita, Japan
2005 MFA in Mural Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

Solo Exhibitions
2009 ‘Reels’, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo
‘Yawarakana utsuwa’Matsu no yu, Tokyo
‘Trolls in the Park 2009’, Zempukuji Park, Tokyo
2008 ‘Waterlink 2008’、Sagamiko, Kanagawa

2010 .11.3(WED)- 14(SUN)

Keishin Nakaseko

1955 Born in Mie Prefecture
1980 BA in Art Planning, Osaka University of Arts

Major Projects as Curator/ Director
2010 ‘TDW ART Jarapagos’ Exhibition, Tokyo Designers Week 2010, Tokyo
2009 ‘OCTAVE_01/02’Exhibition, TIME&STYLE MIDTOWN, Tokyo
2008 ‘A page of Insanity’ Exhibition 01/02/03 , PUNCTUM, Tokyo
2002 ‘Hitori Gottsu – The World of Hitosi Matsumoto’, Laforet Harajuku, Tokyo

Open Air Exhibition(11.3~11.23)
Your Fantasy

Talk (Yonshiki)

Nobuhiko Nakayama

The sound and concept designer Nobuhiko Nakayama formed the unit ‘Kaze Hakase’ with the recording engineer Takanobu Ichikawa in 2003 which set out to create acoustic work using wind chimes as its theme. Wind chimes are a distinctly everyday object which everyone can recognize. Nonetheless, the unit members consider them to be objects close to nature which can provide an interface between nature and the everyday. In the moment when wind and wind chime interact, they believe that as we the viewers are enveloped in the sound, we also become one with nature.


Fuukasuru Oto

netabarox(Koujiro Inoue, Nao Komoriya, Maki Ozawa)

Nao Komoriya
Graduated with a BA in copper engraving, Hosaken Gakuen College
2005 ‘noa’, first solo exhibition
Has made illustrations for t-shirts, websites among others.

Maki Ozawa
Born in 1981
Graduated with BA in oil painting from Tokyo University of the Arts
2010 NETABAROX 1st EXHIBITION “BIRTH”, Yoshino Junsui Hachimitsuten Gallery
2009 Formed the three-member unit “NETABAROX”
2007 ‘Ozawama’ Exhibition, Key Gallery

Open air exhibition (11.3~11.23)

11.7(Sun), 21(Sun)
Joy'n Performance


11.3(Sun)~11.23(Tue, national holiday)
Nuenokai Group Exhibition


1956 Born in Tokyo
1982 MFA in painting, Tokyo University of the Arts
Currently lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Solo Exhibitions:
2010 ‘Garden of Painting – Japanese Art of the 00s’, The National Museum of Art, Osaka
2010 ‘Artist File 2010’, The National Museum of Art, Tokyo
2010 ‘Mt. O JUN’, Mizuma Gallery, Tokyo
2010 ‘14th Vilnius Painting Triennial’, touring exhibition of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia


Talk (Yonshiki)

Kaoru Oka

A member of Gekidan Kuro Tent (Theater Group Black Tent.). Has performed in ‘Pavilion’ (2010), ‘Shopalovic Touring Theatrical Group’ (2009), ‘Treasure Box’ (2008), ‘Lineage’ (2005, performed overseas), ‘Kakushitoride no Kinotama’ (2002) among others. Has also collaborated with musicians and lead workshops. Website:

11.14(Sun),23(Tue, national holiday)
Let’s play with words and sounds! ‘Kenji Miyazawa-I’m in Kamiike(the upper pond area)’

Mari Ota

1982 Born in Nagoya City, Japan
2008 MFA in Oil Painting, Kyoto City University of Arts

Solo Exhibitions
2009 ‘Mari Ota Exhibition’, Mizuma Art Gallery , Tokyo
2007 “etude” Gallery K, Seoul, Korea
2006 ‘Sinsekai he no siten 2006 “my diary”, GALERIE Tokyo Humanite

11.2 (TUE)-7(SUN)
Chocolate to Sisyphus

Emi Otaguro

1980 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
2008 MFA in Fine Art, Tokyo University of the Arts

Group Exhibitions
2010 ‘NEW WORD’, ISLAND/Kashiwa
2009 ‘Mr FREEDOM X’, APlus Minami Senjyu, Tokyo
2008 ‘Art Award Tokyo 2008’, Gyoko Dori Undergraound Gallery, Tokyo
2006 ‘WORM HOLE episode 3’, magical, ARTROOM, Tokyo

running grease


Mini FM radio station broadcasting in Zenpukuji area in Suginami ward. The official name is “Radio Zenkita Children’s Network.” The nickname, “Radio Pachipachi” was given because the listeners receive programs at FM88.0MHz (8 is pronounced “hachi” or “pachi” in Japanese.)
The radio station started to air in April 2001. It has an open broadcasting on second Saturday every month and participates in various local projects such as a live broadcast of the Sports Festival of Momoi Daishi elementary school (10th year), participation in the “Children’s Festival” by Zenpukuji Kita Jidokan (10th year), participation in “Maimai House Project” (6th year), setting a booth in bonodori taikai sponsored by the shopping arcade (4th year), setting up a café and participating in a radio broadcast in “Trolls in the Park” (3rd year.)

11.3(Wed), 14(Sun), 23(Tue, national holiday)
’Golden Bat’ – a live performance of traditional Japanese storytelling with pictures!

Radio Pahipachi Live Cafe

Osamu Sakamoto

Born in 1969 with a shadow. Moved to Tokyo with his shadow in 1988. Began projecting his own silhouette onto a screen in 1991. Started to use his shadow in performances in 2002. In 2004, he had a solo performance at the live space ‘planB’. Since collaborating with the acoustic guitar duo ‘lakeside’ in 2005, has performed with them on numerous occasions. Has continued the solo performance ‘Monoloogue’ since 2006, and has worked with various artists since. Website:

Osamu Sakamoto’s Shadow – Monologue and Dialogue

Maeko Sato

1975 Born in Akita Prefecture
2000 MFA in oil painting, Musashino Art University, Tokyo

Solo Exhibitions
2008 ‘Catchers’, LOOP HOLE, Tokyo
‘Where The Catchers Are’, ARATANIURANO, Tokyo
2009 ‘Where The Catchers Are’, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo

I remove my protector (to catch the rainbow)

Keiko Torigoe

Using soundscape (musical landscape) as her theme, she has researched the musical history of various sites in Japan, and has developed various environmental design and art projects and workshops based in the city. She is author of ‘Soundscape – It’s Ideas and Applications’ (Kajima Publishing, SD library). She is currently professor at Aoyama Gakuin University Department of Cultural and Creative Studies.

Sound Walk in the Park – Lecture & Song dedicated to the Trolls pond and forest」

Kousuke Tsuji

He specializes in Canzone songs and Italian music of the 1600s, translating lyrics into Japanese. He directs three music units, ‘VisMelodica’, ‘Nemo Concertato’, and ‘Nanban Musica’who are part of a self-initiated project ‘DaNemo’, and also directs the music group ‘Jongleur Bon Musicien’ (wandering group that performs Medieval music) among others.

Sound Walk in the Park – Lecture & Song dedicated to the Trolls pond and forest」

筒井宏樹 / Hiroki Tsutsui

Member of the editorial board of ‘Review House’. Works as editorial member for the art review magazine ‘REAR’. Graduated with an MFA in art aesthetics from Tokyo University of the Arts. Currently studying for a PhD at Aichi Prefectural University of Arts and Music.

Talk (Yonshiki)

Kumi Wakao

Composer and performer (violin) of improvisational music. Graduated with postgraduate diploma in composition. Since graduating, she has worked in the fields of graphic notation and musical performance. She has performed the work of John Cage (Hiroshima, 1997-2001), and given workshops on graphic notation (CMF09、JASMIM09, Tokyo Arts Center, etc.). She has also produced a video work using graphic notation ‘Yurikov descending a staircase’ (2010), and video and sound installation ‘Listening to Air’ (2009). Since 1997, she has run the MESOSTICS music label: ( She was born in Fukuoka in 1947 and currently lives in Kyoto.


Yamada Sayatoo

1984 Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
2009 BA in sculpture, Tama Art University

Solo Exhibitions
2010 ‘Senmainoha’ – SAKuRA GALLERY, Tokyo
2009 ‘Hyohaku’, Art Trace Gallery, Tokyo
2008 ‘Hirogaru’, gallery 1/3, Hachioji, Tokyo

11.17 (Wed)-28 (Sun)
hole of troll