Open air Exhibition 11.3 - 23


Artist netabarox (Koujiro Inoue, Nao Komoriya, Maki Ozawa)
Location Opposite the Zempukuji Park Service Center
Outline The title of our work, Joy’n was made by combining the words ‘joy’ and ‘join’. With joy’n as our concept, we combined waste material destined to be thrown away to create an enormous stage and monument. During the event period, the appearance of these two works will change into different forms through the touch of additional artists. We NETABAROX sincerely hope that Joy’n will bring joy to and act as a means of connecting a wide number of people.

Your Fantasy

Artist Keishin Nakaseko
Outline Using ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as its theme, the orienteering-style artwork ‘Your Fantasy’ will bring children and adults to the natural park setting of Zempukuji, and lead them into a story where they will meet the characters of Wonderland who have lost their way in the park.Written on the characters painted with ‘Nakaseko blue’ are words of nonsense, telling words, and word games. With open mind and imagination, come to experience a fantasy just for you.This work will also form part of the special art class of Momoi No.4 Elementary School which is held annually as part of the ‘Trolls in the Park’ exhibition.A small guidebook has been prepared for ‘Your Fantasy’. You can find copies at the Zempukuji Park Service Center(Trolls information center), and at Youkobo Art Space.*If possible, please bring a small hand-mirror. Thank you to Momoi No.4 Elementary School, Katsumata wood merchants, and Bonzu Projects for their cooperation.

Performances (Joy'n stage)

Let’s play with words and sounds! “Kenji Miyazawa-I’m in Kamiike(the upper pond of Zempukuji).”

Date 11.14 (Sun), 23 (Tue, national holiday)
Artist Kaoru Oka (Black Tent Theatre)、Tsuneo Kubo(劇団黒テント), and Sawako Hiraiwa(musician)
Outline Taking scenes from various works written by Kenji Miyazawa, a writer well known for his magic ability to choose words and sounds, actors and musicians will organize and embody the scenes using their voices and bodies. Not only can the audience watch the performance, they can also participate as they utter words and move their bodies together with the performers. Young children as well as adults can enjoy this event with Kenji Miyazawa at the pond in Zempukuji park. We would like to invite many children-parent participants to join us.

Let’s dance! “Kappore”

Date 11.3(Wed), 14(Sun)、23(Tue, national holiday)
Artist ’Kapoore Kapoore Yoitona’ Dance group represented by Atabo Momokawa (Fusayo Hashimoto.)
Outline ‘Kapoore Kapoore Yoitona’ a Kappore group in Momokawa style, instructed by Atabo Momokawa, is going to perform Kappore. Kappore, a style of japanese dance that has a long history going back to the Edo period. Kappore dance is a team dance and there are five basic dance types: Ise Ondo, Fukagawa, Ootsue, Yakko san, and Kappore. An inherent feature of Kappore is the male dancers’ exaggerated and humorous use of the hands, arms, and legs, which impresses the audience with an atmosphere of sophisticated old Edo art. The audience can also participate in outside Kappore practice. Other performances such as “Momo Taro”, and “Flamenco Kappore” sung by Hisaya Morishige, will also be shown.

’Golden Bat’ – a live performance of traditional Japanese storytelling with pictures!

Date 11.3 (Wed), 14(Sun), 23(Tue, national holiday)
Artist Radio Pachipachi
Outline This is a live performance of a radio drama performed by members of radio Pachipachi, a mini FM radio station in the Zempukuji area. “Golden Bat” is an all-time favorite traditional Japanese storytelling with pictures that was made into an original radio drama (the original drama was made up to the 66th story and aired on a regular radio broadcast). The 3-D performance will recreate the atmosphere of the original storytelling with pictures and the performers will be moving around right and left, up and down of their own free will. Golden Bat, a friend of just causes, is going to fight against Nazoo, the wicked, and their fierce battle is bound to start here at Zenpukuji Park!

Joy’n Performance

Date 11.7(Sun), 21(Sun)
Artist netabarox


Sound Walk in the Park – Lecture & Song dedicated to the Trolls pond and forest

Date 11.23(Tue)
Performers of the musical concert ‘Listening to the sound of famous bridges’ (Toshigakushi Project)
Artist Keiko Torigoe and Kousuku Tsuji
Outline Lend your ears to the murmur of the trees, sense the presence of the lake...your guides will take you on an intriguing sound walk that revisits the memories and stories of the land.

Radio Pachipachi Live Cafe

Date 11.3 (Wed), 14(Sun), 23(Tue, national holiday)
Open Cafe,
Trolls in the Park 2009
Location Opposite the Zempukuji Park Service Center
Outline Radio Pachipachi will be bringing a temporary café to Zempukuji Park set up by the upper lake. While making a place where visitors can gather and sit, a special ‘Trolls in the Park 2010’ live radio show including event information and artist interviews will be broadcast to the local community. Please join us for the radio show (FM 88.0MHZ, reception may be difficult depending on location).

Art Tour

Date 11.7(Sun), 21(Sun)
Outline An enjoyable tour of ‘Trolls in the Park 2010’ with the participating artists.Navigators: Jaime Humphreys (Trolls in the Park staff), Tomohiro Nishimura (Art Critic), and Keishin Nakaseko (Art Director, Trolls participating artist).

Joy'n de Symposium

Date 11.23(Tue, national holiday)
Outline Participating artists will join the symposium to consider the future of ‘Trolls in the Park’ and its theme ‘connecting green and urban space’. Nozomu Ogawa, director of TERA TO TERA, will also be participating.Participants:O JUN (painter)Nozomu Ogawa (TERATOTERA director)Keiko Torigoe (soundscape researcher)Keishin Nakaseko (art director)Tomohiro Nishimura (art critic)Tatsuhiko Murata (director, Youkobo Art Space)Akio Motonaga (art teacher, Momoi No.4 Elementary School)Machiko Watanabe (Radio PAchipachi)

Nue no kaiGroup Exhibition

Date 11.3(Wed)~ 23(Tue, national holiday)
Outline An exhibition of work using paper cutout techniques which take the inhabitants of the park as their motif.

Exhibition and Performance 11.1 (MON)-28(SUN)


Four artists will reveal their respective worlds through their respective ‘modes’ of expression over four weeks. For example, systematic, graphic, formalistic, ritualistic?
Curator: O JUN
Text: Hiroki Tsutsui
Location: Youkobo Art Space Studio 1

Date 11.2 (TUE)-7(SUN)
Artist Mari Ota
Title Chocolate to Sisyphus
Outline A short performance is planned every evening from 19:00.
Date 11.9(TUE)-14(SUN)
Artist Emi Otaguro
Title running grease
Outline Reader’s TheaterPerformance times: 11.12(Fri),11.13(Sat),11.14(Sun) - 18:00-19:00
Date 11.16(TUE)-21(SUN)
Artist Hiromi Iuchi
Title Right Light Light Lightning
Outline The main performance held on 11.20 (Sat) from 19:00 to 21:00will be filmed with fixed video camera. The recording will then be projected onto a white canvas on 11.21 (Sun).
Date 11.22(TUE)-28(SUN)
Artist Maeko Sato
Title I remove my protector (to catch the rainbow)
Outline Studio is open to the public every day (artist may be absent for parts of the exhibition period).

Date 11.13 (Sat)17:00~18:30
Location Studio 1
Participanats OJUN、Keishin Nakaseko, Hiroki Tsutsui
Participating artist Emi Otaguro、Hiromi Iuchi

Hast la Próxima…

Date 11.3(Wed)
Artist Ismael de Anda Ⅲ
Location Youkobo Art Space, studio 2
Outline Using site-specific projects and installation inspired by my pluralistic upbringing on the U.S./Mexico border, my project at Youkobo, Hasta la Próxima…, Spanish slang for until we meet again, incorporates current research comparing and contrasting rituals of Japanese Obon with Mexican Dia de los Muertos, both ceremonies for welcoming the return of departed loved ones from the other side.


Date 2010 .11.3(WED)- 14(SUN)
Artist Yuichiro Kurono
Location Youkobo Art Space gallery
Outline I have suffered from a sickness named VSD from the age of 0.As a result, I have been conscious of death since early childhood. Sometimes I think only of resigning myself to this disease. While reproaching myself with such stupid thoughts, I strive on with my work from day to day.

Hole of troll

Date 11.17 (Wed) - 28 (Sun)
Artist Sayato Yamada
Location Youkobo Art Space gallery
Outline A sight from childhood memory; something I imagined when I was young; a handcrafted world of my own; something that connects forest, city, and people...This is the kind of thing I want to make.Secret hole for a Troll - Something that came out of a cartoon; something that connects two places; not a thing that allows you to go anywhere an unlimited number of times, but simply a secret hole, like a short cut. I think it’s the flexibility of use that appeals to me.

Concert and Performance 11.6(Sat)-14(Sun)

Where sounds reside

A series of installations and concerts by six diverse artists. Doors open 30 minutes before respective performances. 1,500 yen (drink included).
Curator: Yoko Arai
Location: Youkobo Art Space, studio 2

Date 11.6(Sat) 19:00 Start
Artist Kazuo Imai
Date 11.7(Sun)16:00 Start
Artist Yoko Arai
Marcos Fernandes
Title sonic interstice
Date 11.11(Thu), 11.12(Fri) 19:00 Start
Artist Osamu Sakamoto
Outline Osamu Sakamoto’s Shadow – Monologue and Dialogue
11.11(Thu):Osamu Sakamoto’s Shadow – Monologue
11.12(Fri):Osamu Sakamoto’s Shadow – Dialogue (music by Arai Yoko)
Date 11.13(Sat)Doors open at 17:00, finishes at 20:00
Artist Kumi Wakao
Title Room
Outline Video, musical scores and renditions, 15:00 - 20:00 Listening to Air – sound installation(on view all day)
Date 11.14(Sun) 15:00 - 19:00
Artist Nobuhiko Nakayama
Title Sounds of fading (guests can enter and exit freely)